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Turkey and all the trimmings are served with generous portions of love and hospitality by Long Beach, California, residents Alex Wexler and Gregg Milano, whose Thanksgiving feast for foster children brings new meaning to the notion of dining “family style.”


Happy Holidays! This year is Gregg & Alex’s 8th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner supporting the foster youth. Every year Alex and Gregg opened their doors to the children in the foster youth program and provided a wonderful dinner filled with lots of turkey, splendid sides and pumpkin pies. Though Alex is no longer with us, we are carrying on the tradition in partnership with Hamlet for The Homeless and honoring him in celebrating Thanksgiving with all his friends and the amazing children we welcome each year.  Hamlet for The Homeless is a nonprofit organization started by Alex Wexler to assist the homeless youth with theatre rehabilitation programs. You can become part of our loving family and annual tradition by donating whatever you can. If you choose to donate $25 dollars or more, you will receive a free Hamlet for The Homeless T-shirt. Your donation goes towards the continuant support for Hamlet for The Homeless. We hope you can open your heart and honor Alex Wexler by helping us to serve the homeless runaway youth.     

An Overwhelmed System​

As the need continues to significantly outpace the number of available beds in shelters and affordable housing in LA County, the homeless count has continued to climb to staggering highs. As reported by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, 6,000 young people in the US were tallied amongst the homeless population in a count preformed in January. This is a 61% increase from 2016, a disheartening percentage hike for an already devastating epidemic. While the system is overwhelmed due to lack of bed space, funding and a multitude of other failing support systems currently in place, the chances of an unaccompanied homeless youth to find a bed or housing in LA County becomes even less attainable due to overflowing waiting lists in youth shelters and by failing to meet minimum age requirements for housing programs such as rental vouchers. Many of the LA County homeless youth are resistant to or unwilling to utilize emergency housing programs being offered on skid row due to their distrust of authority as a result of abuse, neglect and the overall failure in responsibility from adults in their lives. However, there are programs that have successfully supported homeless youth in their journey to rehabilitate from the streets. Proper programs geared towards their interests in conjunction with non-threatening guidance and support, fosters new trust in adults and organized systems generating the results needed to combat this tragic epidemic. Such programs within the non-profit sector heavily rely on donor support. Truly, no amount is too small in supporting the homeless youth. Consider joining the Hamlet for the Homeless community and donate today!​

the good

The good, the bad and the different. Our country has experienced a multitude of changes over the past decade. A devastating market crash; overnight ruining lives and displacing families. The first president of color sworn into office. The legalization of same sex marriage, finally! The Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years. An overwhelming display of horrendous acts of terrorism, just to name a few. We live through the ups and downs of life, of which at times, we have little to no control over. Fortunately, we have the ability to choose to take action and help bring about necessary changes. The homeless epidemic has continued to grow with the continued fluctuations of our economy coupled with the lack of assistance necessary to combat the issues faced by those struggling with homelessness. Did you know that 1 in every 30 children were homeless at some point last year? These are a helpless population that rely on adults to make good decisions on their behalves and to provide for their basic needs; shelter, food, clothing, etc. It is imperative changes are made quickly in order to protect and provide for these children. You may think the issue is too large to conquer or you may think that the amount of money and time you are able to donate is not nearly enough, but this is untrue. The cumulative efforts of individual volunteerism and donations combined with organizations established to assists in the fight against homelessness will make the difference necessary. No amount is too small in joining the fight to combat this epidemic! Find out how your small contribution can help by visiting our fundraising page athttps://www.crowdrise.com/hamlet-for-the-homeless Join our work at Hamlet for the Homeless. Find out more about our non-profit by visiting our site atwww.hamlet4homeless.org​


“The script is sweet and clever with sideways dialogue and inventive lyrics, memorable, loveable and wacky characters, and a melodic score that is equally clever, great fun and also memorable.