Happy Holidays!


This year is Gregg & Alex’s 8th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner supporting the foster youth. Every year Alex and Gregg opened their doors to the children in the foster youth program and provided a wonderful dinner filled with lots of turkey, splendid sides and pumpkin pies. Though Alex is no longer with us, we are carrying on the tradition in partnership with Hamlet for The Homeless and honoring him in celebrating Thanksgiving with all his friends and the amazing children we welcome each year. 


Hamlet for The Homeless is a nonprofit organization started by Alex Wexler to assist the homeless youth with theatre rehabilitation programs. You can become part of our loving family and annual tradition by donating whatever you can. If you choose to donate $25 dollars or more, you will receive a free Hamlet for The Homeless T-shirt. Your donation goes towards the continuant support for Hamlet for The Homeless.


We hope you can open your heart and honor Alex Wexler by helping us to serve the homeless runaway youth.