"The Shift​" at My Friends Place

Gregg and I were invited to join an event hosted by My Friends Place, another non-profit organization assisting homeless youth, in their launch of their new and fantastic supportive program, “The Shift”. Designed as an “innovative employment readiness program helping homeless youth to prepare for success in work and life”. The individuals participating in this new program were asked to write down their dream jobs, jobs such as an astronaut, singer, movie star and NBA star. We were asked to leave a note of advice or encouragement for these teens. In reading the program outline and understanding what was being offered, I started wondering; how can we combine similar assistance based organizations where we not only support each other’s work, but also assist with outreach programs where we can jointly provide the education and assistance these youth need?


At Hamlet for the Homeless, we strive to incorporate Theatre Arts as a tool to assist and enable homeless youth the educational and therapeutic experiences they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to participate in. Our organization is geared toward assisting in possible vocation in Theatre by utilizing programs such as writing workshops, costume design, prop conceptualization as well as acting and directing.


As the evening was winding down at My Friends Place, I had the opportunity to discuss my thoughts in depth with some of the program coordinators. Needless to say, we were able to discern many instances where possible future collaborative programs could help widen the scope in the assistance and education we each provide. Stay tuned for future programs!