Continued Steps In Ensuring The Homeless Youth Are No Longer Invisible


Cities around the country conducted annual count of homeless people this past January. The staggering numbers being reported are more proof of the epidemic this crisis has become due to lack of funding and aid. Sadly, even with these staggering numbers, a growing population continue to be uncounted, the homeless youth. The vulnerability of homeless youth, at a nearly doubled percentage than their housed peers, suffering more depression and/or suicide caused by unwanted sexual activity and abusive relationships as well as drug and alcohol addiction commands immediate attention in ensuring that this population no longer remain invisible so that proper programming and support be provided. It is imperative that correct numbers be reported to ensure assistance and funding for these youths. 


Recently, a crucial piece of federal legislation, called the Homeless Children and Youth Act, was purposed by Senators Rob Portman (Republican, OH) and Dianne Feinstein (Democrat, CA) in order to help redefine the current definition of homeless youth by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Currently, youths whom are either living in hotels and motels or couch surfing in friend’s homes are not recognized as part of the homeless population. This cause for underreporting only serves to hinder the access to assistance currently being provided as well as funding for future programs for these individuals. 


You can help by supporting the bill and sign the petition to the US Senators established by Covenant

 House, the largest charity working with homeless, trafficked and vulnerable youth.