skewing our focus

Should we, as a society, be voting on and enforcing laws that increasingly criminalize the basic needs of the homeless? In cities across our nation since the affordable housing crisis, there has been a steep and steady incline in the creation of new laws making it illegal to sit, sleep or even eat in public places. These actions are generally fueled by the assumption of increased crime, issues with sanitation and the “decrease” in general appearance of neighborhoods, when dealing with the homeless community.


However, there is clear evidence that this costly mentality of criminalizing homelessness is increasing the underlying homeless issue. There has been a positive shift in homeless populations in communities where the focus has been skewed and redirected to concentrating energies on providing the homeless population with access to adequate housing.


The more the focus is shifted to bring awareness and education to communities and individuals on these issues, rather than the criminalization of the homeless, the more we can affect change in our communities. By supporting organizations like Hamlet for the Homeless, you can help affect these changes.