The end of 2016 came to a rocky, politically charged end and with inauguration day upon us, the unrest, fear, anger and even hate seems to be at an all-time high. No matter where your political views lie, one thing should be easily agreed upon, childhood homelessness should not exist. We, as a nation, pride ourselves on the concept of the “American dream” and being counted amongst the world’s “superpower countries”, and yet our nation’s homeless youth numbers continue to remain staggeringly high.


Rather than turning on each other over individual views, we should be uniting together to fight this epidemic by volunteering for and funding programs such as Hamlet for the Homeless and other well organized advocacy groups in order to provide the supportive social welfare services, living assistance and educational programs these organizations provide. Whether you’re on your way to a march against the new administration or cheering alongside those who welcome the new administration, think about how you, as an individual, can be helping to fight to effectuate a better nation for these youth.