Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell​

With politics, inevitably comes challengers and opposers as Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell would well know. In an article released by the LA Times at the end of February, 2017, Councilmember O’Farrell is facing those whom claim he has not done enough to protect the gentrification and excessive building, causing displacement of lower income renters in certain neighborhoods of his district.


In his annual State of Hollywood address in 2015, Councilmember O’Farrell said, “I want to see every corner of Hollywood prosper and evolve to safe, vibrant corridors”. Through his four-year term, he has overseen over 900 units of affordable housing. Not only has he backed proposals to support small-lot rules and encouraged builders to not displace current tenants and preserve bungalow courts. Along with these actions, Councilmember O’Farrell has been an actively worked to further the scope of work the county has worked towards in not only finding solutions for the homeless epidemic, but also bring an awareness that the epidemic exists.


A long-time Theatre advocate, Councilmember O’Farrell has collaborated with the entertainment industry “to make sure we grow our signature industry” in order to encourage good paying jobs that come along with the industry. With all the good work Councilmember O’Farrell has done, we were honored and elated to be granted the opportunity to meet with him and discuss the future of Hamlet for the Homeless and receive his support. Having great input and expressing his excitement in our organization, it was easy to feel Alex’s smile shining down on us.